Mandy's Bday [ 2003-08-27, 7:12 a.m. ]

Yesterday I didn't get much sleep and I had to open the store. But I was opening with Tammy,my boss, too. Because of my lack of sleep, she was getting on my nerves at first. Its sort of like I felt like I could do better if I was opening by myself. I sometimes feel like I'm opening by myself when she's there anyway. But whatever. I felt better after a couple of hours. We were setting up the calendars so that's a big involved project. My foot started aching some but it wasn't awful,thank God. It was my short day so I was outta there by 3.

Came home and changed clothes. I was going to make an appt. with a general practioner doctor to get a physical. I haven't had one in..well I'd rather not say. Let's just say Reagan was president. I hate going to the doctor. I know nobody likes it but I especially hate it. Anywho.. I wanted to make an appt. so after finally finding my insurance book of docs, I tried calling. But my cell phone was getting shit reception (I don't have a landline). I got in the car and while I was driving made an appt for Sept.15th. I gave them all my info and had to write down the info they gave me while I was speeding over to my parents. Geez. I was lucky I didn't get in an accident. There are some days when I miss having a regular phone. Maybe some day I'll get one again.

I wanted to get a physical because well, its obviously about time. Plus then I need to go to a gyno. I also need to go to a dentist (been a year and a half) and also see my dermatologist again. I want to have another mole removed. And also see my ear/nose/throat doctor to see about my allergies and hearing. And finally I need to get my eyes checked. I know I would feel a bit more ..I don't know if secure is the right word but something like that...after seeing the doctor. Kinda like getting your car checked over. Yes, I can't wait for a lube job.

Ok..after getting to my parents' house without any further ado, I washed some clothes and we ate dinner. Mandy came over and we had her birthday cake and ice cream. Gave her a present of two books. One on mystical experiences and another one called "Women who love too much" which she had looked at before. She really liked them.

After that she and I went to Target to do some clothes shopping with birthday money from our parents and Christy. They had an ok selection and we managed to find her a few nice things. She's lost a little weight so I think she can come back again and look at their sale rack to pick up more stuff.

While we were shopping she told me about her now ex-boyfriend Rob. She'd been with him for at least a year and a half (maybe two). She was telling me that after six months or so she found out something about him. She'd been having alot of stress about her house payments and all that. He said he knew how bad her stress was. She said he had no idea about the stress she was under. (he'd been living with his mom). After talking about it more, he came out with "I've been in prison,baby!". I stopped dead in my tracks. Oh my God. He'd been outta prison something like 3 months when she met him. He was in for armed robbery. But yet, my sister still stayed with him. (this is why she needs that book). So...she also found out that he was in on Zoloft (the depression drug). He never told her himself, his son told her (the son who also is on parole). I think its the secrecy about all that that shocked her. But not enuff to break up with him right away. She just did that a month ago. He saw that she had a personal ad up again on the 'net and called her and cussed her out. What an asshole.

After Target, we went back to my parents and showed them what she got. Then we went to IHOP for some food. We were there about an hour just talking. Its always fun to go out with Mandy. She and Christy I can pretty much talk about anything with and there's no well..with friends sometimes you can have that pause in conversation that is awkward but with my sisters I don't have that. I'm really lucky in that I love and like my family at the same time.

So after IHOP I came home and almost immediately crashed. I was so beat. I didn't even put my clothes away. So I woke up about 6 hours later. So here I am. I go to work at 3:30 today so I'm sure I'll take a nap. Two more days till VACATION!!! Yeah!!!!!

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