Family Reunion [ 2003-09-02, 12:02 a.m. ]

Ah, back home again. Funny how you can have fun when you are away but are sooo glad to be home. Creature comforts.

The reunion was good. Alot of people showed up. My Uncle Howard and Aunt Ann did show up but their kids didn't. My cousins, Phillip,Pam and Phyllis all came which was great since its been 4 years since we've seen Phil. He has so many great stories about being a flight attendant. He knows how to tell a story.

The drive up was nice. I drove up with Kevin and Christy. The drive back however ..guh..I vowed that I was driving my own car next time. I drove back with Mama and Daddy. Daddy's driving makes me nervous. But then again I just don't like being driven in most cases.

I went to and signed up. I sent invites to some friends but frankly I don't know how many will sign up and etc. Help. If anyone out there can connect me to their network I'd appreciate it. I hardly ever talk online anymore. This diary is my way of chatting.

Tomorrow morning (yuck), I help Missy take some boxes to a storage unit. I'm going to drive the moving van cause her father signs her car insurance still and he won't trust her to drive the van. So its up to me. Goody.

I have a guestbook for all you out there to sign. It'd be nice to know who's reading my entries.

A little about the reunion. The reunion is up in Virginia. About 45 minutes from Roanoke at a retreat called Phoebe Needles. Very pretty surroundings. Its up in the mountains. We've been having these reunions since 1993. Mainly we started them because after my Uncle Bobby died in 1990, we realized that all of the Perry clan didn't see each other that much.

So we got there around noontime. Ate some lunch. There's a new building for the kitchen/dining room that has a really big wrap around porch with rockers on it. We all sat around talking. I started getting a tension headache and Phyllis offerred me a Xanex which I've never taken. I took one and ended up going to my room and taking a 2 hour nap. Talk about relaxed.

By that time everyone had arrived. We had dinner. Then a bit later, Uncle Charlie's wife, Lucy's, daughter Becky was in charge of the entertainment this year. She made up Perry Jeopardy and we all split up into teams. It was fun if a bit loud. The acoustics in the new place are pretty bad. Alot of echo.

After that was all over, a bunch of us sat around talking and telling stories. Every reunion we end up going into Rocky Mount to the 24 hour Walmart. So, Mickey,Buck and his g/f Jessica, Mandy, Christy and Jennifer all went.

Came back around 2am. I was up til 4am reading and then fell asleep. Woke up at noon. Ate lunch. Mandy,Buck,Jessica,Jennifer and I went down to Uncle Charlie's farm which is just down the road. Down being the operative word. Walked around and Mandy took pics of the scenery. Phyllis drove up and she let us take her car back to the retreat.

Alot of people left that afternoon including Mandy and her 3 kids. Buck lives in Roanoke so he stayed. Phil and Pam left too. Plus some of Lucy's kin.

We had dinner and sat around chatting. I had brought a game I'd bought at an after-xmas sale at work a $1. Its called PopSmarts and is a trivia game about pop culture. So, Christy, Buck, Jessica, Mama, Aunt Martha and Aunt Anne sat around and played but didn't keep score. I was in charge of reading the clues. We played it for several hours. Finally all went to bed just before midnight. I finished my book and then COULD NOT get to sleep. Ended up getting to sleep just before 4am I think. By the time I woke up this morning, about 9:30, everyone but my parents had left. So we got on the road at 10.

I had fun but I'm glad its every two years. If it was every year I think it wouldn't be as much fun.

Later all.

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