Irony [ 2003-11-20, 1:41 a.m. ]

I was doing fine until a minute ago. I decided early this afternoon that no, I wouldn't make the trek to Atlanta by myself. You know the reasons and they are perfectly understandable.

But then I was watching HBO just a second ago and what should come on? Beautiful Girls. Of all the fucking movies to come on, that one has to come on right at that moment. In case you don't know, its the movie starring Timothy Hutton and Matt Dillon and has a cool scene at a bar where the Afghan Whigs are the band. Ain't that just my luck to have to see that tonight? Goddammit. Fuck.

I refuse to regret my decision. But I really wish that I had been able to go somehow. Life sucks sometimes. My only hope is that they do a few more dates on the east coast next year.

I did so very little today. Watched tv, read, ate. And napped alot. It was the kind of weather for it. Overcast. Got chillier as the sun set.

I'm not going to get depressed about this but I did shed a few tears when I saw that movie come on HBO. Living in Charlotte blows most of the time. The main reason being that we are lucky if we ever get "obscure" bands to come our way. I couldn't believe when the White Stripes came to this small arena place down the road from me back in June. I went by myself to that and it was quite awesome. My friend, Charles, whom I mentioned is the dj guy. He emailed that a friend of his had also gone to the show and taken a few pics. Charles sent me copies of 3 pics and I got them today. Very cool.

Later, folks.

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