Manifest destiny [ 2004-01-13, 1:03 a.m. ]

Currently listening to 103.1 on the recommendation of Pamie. Cool stuff so far. We don't have a really decent radio station in this town. The closest to what I would really like is WNCW in western NC. Its a public radio station and they do mix in some good alternative stuff in the variety they play. But I want a radio station that focuses mainly on alt rock and doesn't also play blues, bluegrass and jazz as well. That's not a bad thing but ya know what I mean. I'm not always in the mood for every type of music they play.

I went into work today. Turns out we didn't have a manager meeting this morning so I saw Tammy this afternoon. She was pretty calm. Kinda matter of fact. She mentioned to me that several booksellers had mentioned to our district manager that they thought I would be up for the store manager position. Tammy mentioned that was pretty impressive to have a few of them mention that. It is really. But I told her that I wouldn't ever want that kind of pressure. And that is the truth. If I owned my own business I could deal with it but having to work for a big company doesn't leave you open to making alot of independent decisions.

Now playing Love Removal Machine by the Cult. Damn. This song reminds me of the late '80's and dancing at the Pterodactyl club that I ended up working at later. Good times.

My sister Mandy got me a Clay Aiken bobblehead doll at the UNCC game on Saturday. He was there to sing the National Anthem before the basketball game. They were giving these away at the door. I'm going to be selling this sucker next week when other auctions have ended that went on yesterday. I'd like to get a good chunk of money for it. Any takers out there? I have a paypal account if anyone is interested in buying it. Let me know!!

So the Panthers are going to Philadephia next Sunday for the NFC Championship game!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!!! The game on Saturday was awesome. Painful but ultimately worth it.

Y'all I totally have to start thinking about cutting back on food. My wardrobe would certainly be bigger if I was smaller. Just a few sizes down would make me happy. Stay tuned for that.

Now playing..I have no idea but its good. Yay for indie rock!!

Ohhh..they just started playing Nearly Lost You by the Screaming Trees. Oh my God!! I saw them play at the other club I worked at when they opened for Alice in Chains. I was so excited to see the Trees though. I got kinda drunk and after the show started talking to their lead singer, Mark Lanegan. Man...I love that guy. He bummed a smoke off of me. (I only smoke when I drink). He was and still is hot. And his voice is

I close again tomorrow and then I'm off on Wednesday and Thursday.

Oh speaking of music. My very favorite music store, Manifest Discs, is CLOSING!!! I don't know what the fuck I'm going to do. I know I really don't have much money to buy cds but once in a while I go in and buy one or two anyway. When I was still living with my parents I would go in and spend $100 in one visit. I loved those days.


This station rocks the casbah.

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