Two years short of Forty [ 2004-01-28, 12:52 p.m. ]

Yesterday was my birthday. I didn't do anything major. Slept late. Went over to my parents and had a nice meal. Then a chocolate birthday cake. All quite yummy.

I finally watched the second Harry Potter movie! I borrowed the dvd from Brenda a few months ago. I couldn't sit down and watch it for some reason till last night. I enjoyed it alot. Liked Kenneth Branagh and Alan Rickman of course. HP and Ron are getting so tall. I can't wait to see how they look for the next movie. Watching the movie makes me want to pick up the 5th book. I've read the first four.

I would like to go see a movie this afternoon but I don't know if I can get out of my cocoon. The snow/ice is finally melting so the streets are okay. But...hanging out in bed, watching tv and reading sounds very inviting. I am going out tonight with my sister, Mandy, to eat at Outback (which Christy gave us both gift cards for) and then see Love Actually. I know I'll love that movie from what I've heard about it. And it has Hugh Grant in it so that's always a plus.

So, I'm 38. Yes. That old. I guess I should change my profile. Waah!!

Oh, I'm fine. I really don't feel 2 years short of 40. I feel more like I'm 30. Of course physically..I feel my age but

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