Home Sweet Home [ 2004-01-26, 9:14 p.m. ]

Home Sweet Home

Yay! I'm home again!!

I left after work on Friday to drive up to visit my friend, Kathy and her hubby, Robert. They live near Raleigh. The drive should usually take about 2.5 to 3 hours at the most. I got on the road just before 4pm and didn't get out of the the reaches of Charlotte till about 5:30. Stupid Charlotte Friday traffic! Grrr.

So I got to there house around 7:15pm. They have a cute house in a new development. Moved in last May. They have two cute cats, Gertie and Quinn (who has only one eye and therefore I had to make bad puns..like he couldn't keep his eye open...he has his eye on me..). We went out for dinner and then came back and watched the dvd of "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" that I received at Christmas. Shrubbery!!

Next day we went to the teeny tiny downtown of Apex and had lunch and browsed in the few shops around there. Afterwars we went to a record store in Raleigh where I bought the latest Travis cd. Then we headed to Crabtree Mall so I could spend the Sephora gift card that Kathy gave me for my birthday(which is tomorrow). I got some much needed foundation and an eyeliner. Plus I got a free sample of a very expensive oil for my face and a vegetable face peel. Yay!!

We went out for dinner and then went to rent a movie. Saw Once Upon a Time in Mexico which I liked mainly of course for Johnny Depp. Man, he's beautiful and talented at the same time. There ought to be a law..much like the law against Billy Cruddup.

Then we watched Sid and Nancy which Kathy had never watched. I've seen it quite a few times as well as reading the book that Nancy Spungeon's mom put together composed of Nancy's letters and diary ..and I don't want to live this life anymore. Well worth reading.

Sunday was the day I was supposed to come back home. But the weather started getting bad, snow and sleet. So I decided to come back on Monday. Sunday we watched the first X-Men movie, which I enjoyed more than I thought I might. We played with the cats which is always entertaining. This weekend, Kathy got me addicted to crosswords again. Darn. Which is bad because 1.I'm not that good and 2.I have a hard time putting them down even if I don't know the answers.

We watched the Golden Globes though I haven't seen hardly any movies. Its always fun to watch anyway. I'm hoping to see some movies this week as long as the roads get better.

So today I left their house at around 2pm. Some of the highway was very clear but then as I got closer to Charlotte it was a little more slippery. Apparantly as usual Charlotte got more ice than snow. I got into town at 6pm. When I got to my house I could barely walk from my car to the front door. No footing whatsoever. I'm crossing my fingers that some of this melts away tomorrow and that the second wave tonight does not hit us as they are predicting. Blah. I oughta move to Key West.

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