Smooth as a baby's bottom [ 2004-01-31, 12:48 a.m. ]

I feel pretty..oh so pretty..I feel pretty and witty and gay (no not that way..not there's anything wrong with that).

Brenda took me to get a spa facial today as a birthday gift. That girl is so damn generous. I've never had a spa facial before and let me tell worth the time and money. Took about an hour and I was buffed, steamed, moisturized and massaged. And while I was laying there waiting for it to begin, I heard the new agey type music playing. All I could think of was Phoebe on "Friends" saying "Listen to the plinky, plunky music..." to Monica when she was trying to relax her.

My face is so smooth!! And I also had my eyebrows waxed cause Peter Gallagher and I were starting to look interchangeable.

Berlin is a BAND RE-UNITED!!

I missed seeing the Squeeze one tonight but I think they didn't re-unite them. Dang. I think ..wait I know VH-1 will replay it. When have they not replayed one of their shows?

I finally watched Two Towers tonight. I loved it. Pippin..come to me, my precious!! The battle scene was so intense and those talking trees kicked major ass.

I have Pirates of the Carribbean to watch tomorrow night. Yes, I'm the last person in the world to not see that yet.

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