Back in the summer of '82 [ 2004-02-23, 10:11 p.m. ]

I rented two movies on my way home from work yesterday. One was Whale Rider and the other was Thirteen. Both really good movies. Definitely different from each other though. Whale Rider had such a good story and very good acting. The lead actress is nominated for an Oscar which I can understand but the supporting actors were worth a nomination as well.

Thirteen was a movie I could so relate to. (old woman voice)Back in my day, 16 years old is like what 13 years old is now as in naivete and outside influence.(/old woman voice) I had a friend by the name of Gaylen that I met in 10th grade gym. We became fast friends mainly because my other friends had sorta deserted me. Decided I wasn't very cool, which was true but neither were they.

Gaylen and I hung out that whole summer of 1982. I drove a brown Chevette (adding to my coolness) and we went everywhere. Saw Grease 2 a million times. That was also the year that I first saw Rock 'n Roll High School. We saw it on HBO and I taped the music off of it. We would listen to that driving around. Yay Ramones!

That was also the summer I learned about really lying to my parents. Alot. Sometimes for no real reason. Just for the sake of lying. We did have alot of fun though. When you are that close to a friend however, that closeness can be painful when it stops. My parents found out that I skipped the first week of 11th grade with Gaylen. They grounded me for a month and didn't want me to socialize with her. I, being 16, didn't want to be around her anymore anyway. I blamed her for getting me in trouble at least for a while. I can look back now and know that we both were bad influences on each other to some degree. Some of it was simple teenager stuff but some of it was just stupid and dangerous. Going to guy's places we didn't really know. Smoking pot with them. Just inviting trouble.

After that whole ordeal, I had this feeling of really missing how my life was before. I wanted some innocence back. My relationship with my parents back to the way it was. But when you're a teenager nothing is ever the same again.

I had today off and made a mix for a cd swap. I think it came out pretty good. Here's the track list:

To the Rescue...

1.Buffy the Vampire theme

2.Sweet Surrender--Sarah McLachlan

3.Help!--The Beatles

4.Lean on Me--Bill Withers

5.Holding Out for a Hero--Bonnie Tyler

6.Save Me--Remy Zero

7.Rescue Blues--Ryan Adams

8.Come See About Me--Afghan Whigs

9.Love Rescue Me--U2

10.Rescue Me--the Alarm


12.Someday My Prince Will Come--Sinead O'Connor


I'm outta here.

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