Geek Girl [ 2004-07-20, 1:18 a.m. ]

I went to a movie tonight with my sister, Mandy, who lives in town. We went to see 13 Going on 30. I thought it was cute and fun. Mark Ruffalo is a cutie and quite charming. And that kid who plays him at the age of 13 is great too. Jennifer Warner did a good job as well but MR kept distracting me.

Anyhoo...after the movie, I suggested we go to the IHOP, which is right next to the theatre. Almost everytime Mandy and I go out together we end up there so it wasn't out of the blue. She said no, that her newest boyfriend was supposed to be calling. Now, she knew we were going out to a movie. She's known for a week and she should've told this guy that she wouldn't be home till a bit later because she was spending time with her sister that she never sees! But she didn't. My sister has been boy crazy all her damn life. She's almost 44, people. She should know better than to put a stupid man that she has only known a couple weeks in front of her sister. Its so fucking frustrating.

When I left her house (we had taken her car), I just casually said goodbye. No hug, no nothing. Practically peeled down the street and immediately burst into tears. I don't know why really. Just a combination of being mad and sad. Most of the anger is gone but I'm still frustrated. This kind of thing frustrates my other sister, Christy, too. She comes to visit and there are times when Mandy is hanging with her b/f du jour instead of with her own sister who doesn't live in town but lives 4 hours away! Gahhhhhhhhh!!!

(deep breath) I'm calm. I am a calm person.

Last night I watched St.Elmo's Fire with the commentary on. Joel Schumaker, the director, does the commentary. Some of it was good and informative but the majority of it was a bit dull. But I enjoyed the movie as usual.

This afternoon I watched Secret Window and really enjoyed it. Watched it again just a little while ago with the director's commentary, which was entertaining AND informative. Way to go, director guy! Johnny Depp was completely wonderful. And gorgeous, even with bed head hair.

Tomorrow is my last day of my mini-vacation. Sigh. How quickly the time flies.

Early early early this morning, I happened upon the Government Channel again. I lucked up this time and they were showing, in honor of the 35th anniversary, the launch of Apollo 11. I can't tell you how excited I was. Watched it from T minus 35 minutes. Just amazing that these 3 men actually wanted to be in that spacecraft. Its one thing to want to go to the moon. A lot of people do. But the fact that you had to be shot up into space with a rockets blazing fire was just awesome. I went to the site that has a bunch of NASA footage, Spacecraft Films. I'm very very tempted to buy the 3 disc dvd set for Apollo 11. It has a ton of footage on it, 10 hours in all. I'm such a geek. And damn proud of it.

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