Mrs. Robert Redford [ 2004-07-21, 9:16 p.m. ]

Oh, I think I ate too much for dinner. Blech.

So, I went to the other location to work today. Oh, wait. Let's back up. Just to let you know my state of mind today...let it be known that I got zero sleep last night. Nada. Nuttin'. So I went to the store and man, is it disorienting being in another store to work. I know I was there a few months ago but that didn't help too much. And the worst part is trying to keep myself from being bored to death. I did the bestsellers and shelved in sections. See, at my store, I'm actually managing. Doing things a manager is supposed to do. But at this location...its just weird. Its disorganized and seemingly inefficient. They really need to get their act together once they have a complete management staff.

So, I'm back to my store tomorrow to close. Whoopedoo!

Last night, while I couldn't sleep, I happened upon something on PBS. Its a Globe Trekker series that reminds me a bit of the show that used to be on the Discovery channel back in the '90's, Travelers. I loved that show. I have a few on tape even. Anyhoo...this show was a young woman touring southern Italy. It was well photographed and was interesting and entertaining. I was just yearning to be there. To be anywhere really. I've wanted to go to Europe most of my life. Someday...

I had an interesting dream yesterday (when I was napping..which made me not get any sleep last night). I think it was influenced from seeing 13 Going on 30 and also seeing a scene from Legal Eagles. In my dream, I had just been fired from a job in this office. Robert Redford was apparantly a co-worker and a friend of mine. He was trying to comfort me. He gave me a card that people in the office had signed for me. He told me that he'd written something special for me and wanted me to read right then. As I'm reading it, we change scenes to an apartment that is also a studio for a dating game of some sort. I'm reading this card and its a really long note from Robert Redford. I notice that he had put something about algebra in his note and I said "I like how you worked algebra into this" and I smiled at him. He told me to keep reading. (About the algebra:I've been watching a lot of the History Channel, as you know, and they had a story about the mission control people who of course were math geeks). I get to the end of the note and he's asked me to marry him. I, of course, say yes. After all, its Robert Redford. I kiss and hug him. The people in the room ask if he isn't too old for me. I say "Oh, its only about 15 years" which isn't true since its something more like 20-25, I think. Anyhoo..that was my dream. Weird but kinda neat.

(Damn..I'll have to let John McEnroe know that I need a divorce)

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