Does this make you horny,baby? [ 2005-03-21, 11:17 a.m. ]

Howdy! Here I am! Did anybody miss me? Well, I missed you. I was having the DTs.

I bought my new computer yesterday. I went to Circuit City. I bought the last one of the model that apparantly everyone else wanted too. No other store in town had it in the box so I bought their display model and they knocked off $50 for me. Plus, they refurbished it. So, with all the virus protection/spyware they installed for me and the 2 year warranty it came to $780. I bought an emachines with 160 GB and an Intel Pentium 4 and a dvd/cd burner. How fucking cool does that sound after having lived with an old Compaq with 4 GB. Holy shit what a difference it makes. I'm going to have to show this sexy computer some major lovin'.

My Dad is doing better after breaking his hip the a week ago Saturday. He came home from the hospital on Friday. His progress is good according to his physical therapist. He's recovering faster than some people usually do. He's using a walker but my Mom has noticed that he's getting better everyday. He has exercises that he does every morning and afternoon to help his mobility and strength. I hate seeing him this way but he is getting better.

I was over at their house yesterday while I waiting for my computer to be ready. My sister,Mandy, was there visiting, too. All of us sat on the back porch and chatted and laughed for a couple hours. I came up with an idea for a new MTV show. "Pimp My Walker". You could put big ass tires and shiny rims on. Paint it psychedelic colors. Have a dvd player and plasma screen. We kept going on and on. My Mom was crying she was laughing so hard and my Dad, even though it hurts him a little to laugh too much or cough, was holding his stomach while he laughed.

I close tonight and I'm off tomorrow. Which is good since I know where I'll be. Right here. Being seduced by my sexy, new computer.

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