Historical Significance [ 2005-06-01, 1:24 a.m. ]

My vacation started last Friday. Yay!

I got into Charleston around 3:30pm. The new bridge over the Cooper River is just gorgeous. It looks like string art. Cool. It hasn't quite opened yet so for the last time I went over the Pearman bridge and tried not to freak out at seeing the new bridge towering above me.

Christy,Kevin and I went to eat at a casual Italian place. Then later on went to the bookstore where she bought some dvds and I bought the latest copy of my bible,Entertainment Weekly. Its got Brad and Angelina on the cover for that new movie, Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I'm not too sure about how good that movie is going to be. I'll probably rent it but still.. I like both of them separately but I'm not sure about together.

Saturday, we went downtown and saw a free Piccolo Spoleto event. It was a choir singing in one of the old churches. The choir was very good and I just enjoy looking around at the interior also. Being surrounded by history gets my blood and imagination going. We saw another free concert later in the afternoon as well. In between we stopped for some coffee drinks and then found one of the many courtyard parks that exist in Charleston. You just happen upon them. It was beautiful. Wildflowers with an obelisk in the middle commemorating fallen soldiers during the Civil War. Plus there was a nice statue of Washington.

As you walk around Charleston you can just read all these markers telling you the history of each place you walk by. Its amazing. Next time I go down there I'm going to do one of those walking tours. My sister has a book that details every single building in Charleston. Gives the history of the building or what stood there before. I've read that book almost completely before.

That night we went to a steakhouse for dinner and then headed back to their house. Friday night, we had watched Christy's just purchased copy of the dvd of Mary Poppins, which we watched with the "Poppins pop up trivia". And I got all teary eyed during the "Feed the Birds" song. I love that song.

So Saturday night we watched the dvd of The Incredibles which I hadn't seen. I liked it. Didn't LOVE it but it was good and I'd watch it again. It was fun.

Sunday, Christy and I went downtown after lunch. There was a big Carnival cruise ship docked right there at the pier. I had never seen a big ship docked there before in all the times I've been to Charleston. And I've never been that close to a cruise ship. I took a pic of it with my phone cause I'm a dork.

We went shopping along Market St. then on King St. I bought some stuff on sale at Bath & Body Works. Peony and Cherry Blossom scents. Yummy. Also, I bought some Charleston bookmarks for souvenir gifts for my fellow managers. Its something most of us do when we go on vacation. Tammy started the tradition and most of us do it. I just have a hard time finding cheapo gifts since I have to buy for 5 people! But these bookmarks have a beautiful scene of the battery at sunset for only 59 cents. Score.

By the time we got home I was so damn tired. I need better walking shoes. Anyway, we had burgers on the grill and watched Titanic on tv which I've only seen a million times but got sucked into it anyway.

I left their house at about 10am on Monday. Had some crappy weather along the way but finally drove out of it. Got back into town around 2pm. Dropped of my Mom's car (don't trust mine on the highway anymore) and got home. Yay!

Today I didn't do much. I did go to the video store since I had no dvds to watch and I was bored shitless. Got 3 of my Alias dvds and the dvd of National Treasure. I watched the movie already. It was a lot of fun and I highly recommend it. I loved that it combined history and adventure. And Nic Cage of course. Like bathtubmary, I also like the snarkiness of the sidekick, Riley. There's nothing like a good sidekick.

Tomorrow I'll be going over to the 'rents for food and clothes-washing. Maybe on Thursday I can actually do some cleaning up around here.

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