Baby,baby,baby [ 2005-08-10, 12:54 a.m. ]

My first day back at work after 6 days off. Sigh. It wasn't so bad. I was just really tired from lack of sleep. Big surprise.

I could not get to sleep last night because I kept reading the fifth Harry Potter book. Could not put it down.

We had our usual manager meeting this morning instead of having it on Monday. Our new manager,Candi,still has to be at her other store till the end of the month. So her manager meetings there are on the Monday.

I got to work at 6am so I could get all the prep done for the morning since our head cashier wasn't there. The meeting went pretty well,I think. Candi has a good attitude. She's positive without being Mary Sunshine about it. Plus,I think she can get some of the people here who don't pull their weight to either do so or go.

I get to be in charge of the receiving room organization and shelving carts. We're shaping up the store to better conform to these new guidelines that we'll have to certified on in a few weeks. I'm up for it. At least I hope so. I realize it's about 1am right now so I'm hoping I can get a few more hours of sleep so I can have the energy to do things tomorrow. It felt like I got almost nothing done since I was the manager on duty the whole day till the closer came in.

The health inspector came to inspect the cafe today. I was sitting there while he filled out the paperwork and I was starting to get that feeling of being upset and wanting to throw something. Lack of sleep and the fact that we lost a point didn't help me feel too positive. But then I caught myself and thought "It's not a big deal. Calm down. Just let it go." I turned my head and there was a woman with a baby in a stroller. I looked at the baby and he started cackling and grinning at me. She said that usually he's really shy around people. I think it's something about me that kids do like. Maybe it's my hair. Anyway,I chatted with her and laughed with the baby while the health inspector finished up. That really lightened up my mood. I swear I'm not really a lover of babies or kids but still...who can resist this 9 1/2 month old boy grabbing his toes and cackling. Who?

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