Desire [ 2005-12-06, 8:29 p.m. ]

My last day off till next Wednesday. Rats. Ah, well. I do have next Monday night to look forward to..that's the night of the U2 concert. Woohoo! I have no hope of meeting Bono though. You can imagine my completely hysterical entry if that happened.

I'm currently watching "A Charlie Brown Christmas" right now. I love this cartoon.

Somehow, someway, my positive attitude has stayed with me since Saturday. I don't know how. But it has. I know that I was at work yesterday and I would bust out in a grin thinking of how I met John Doe. It really did lift the old spirits.

Also, my manager told me when I came in to work Monday (I was closing) that "can we do your meeting next time? I want to leave a bit early". (We have that dreaded weekly meeting together each week..ya know, the kind that made me sob uncontrollably last week). Anyway, she'd told me earlier that it would be an easy one. So when she said that about postponing it, I looked at her, straight-faced, "But I was looking forward to it." She laughed and gave me a hit on the arm. I think I'm feeling cocky.

I got an email today from some company that is doing interviews at the mall for their stores in the New York metro area (a few states away). If I was really into re-locating, I would go. But, really, I wouldn't want to move. It would have to be a damn good job for me to do that.

I downloaded all of my U2 cds into my iTunes so I can have a marathon listening session between now and next Monday. But I just realized that I didn't put "Achtung,Baby" in there. Hmm..where is that cd?

One last thing...I told Christie that John Doe is an actor and later I sent her the imdb link for his acting gigs. She brought up the fact that he was in "The Good Girl" with Jake Gyllenhaal. Meaning that he probably shook hands with Jake. Meaning I virtually shoook hands with Jake. I'd forgotten that John Doe was in that movie. That means that I lust after the man who played the father of the guy whom I also lust after. Heh. I bought the latest copy of Details magazine because of that sexy little smirk that Jake has. I don't care that he's mumble mumble years younger than me! I have diverse tastes. Old, young, middle-aged. It's all the same to me.

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