It's hard out here for a pimp [ 2006-01-27, 5:34 a.m. ]

I'm 40 years old. I'll say it again. I'm 40 years old. I've been preparing myself for this eventuality for a couple years now. I started reading MORE magazine (a mag for women 40 and up) and found that I was relating a lot more to that magazine than I ever had with GLAMOUR or COSMOPOLITAN. But besides that, I also just kept telling myself that 40 is the new 30. And I think it's true. I consider it a fresh start. I'm getting a do-over.

Anyways, I started my vacation at 3:31pm on Thursday. Woo! I was afraid I would have to stay very late to finish all the paperwork I needed to get done but somehow, someway I was able to complete it all in time. I went straight from work to the cheapo haircut place in the shopping center and got my hair cut for the first time since last May. It's now just off my shoulders and nice and flouncy. My curly hair loves it. Oh, and I also colored my hair a couple days ago. It's Medium Spice according the Nice 'n Easy box. I love it.

I finally made it home after doing some grocery shopping and stopping at the drugstore. Watched a couple things on my dvr and then fell asleep for over 4 hours. That's why I'm awake at 5:40am.

So after having some very late dinner I watched Hustle & Flow on dvd. I have to admit, at first I had a bit of time getting into the movie. For one, it's about a pimp. And it's about rap/hip-hop. But, I'd heard so many good things about it that I gave it a chance and really got into it after a while. Terence Howard rules, of course. And the rap songs were, while mysognistic, were pretty damn good. I also like that it was set in Memphis, my childhood home for 4 years.

A couple nights ago I watched Cinderella Man on dvd. Holy cow. What a fantastic movie. So unexpected how much I liked it. Ron Howard's direction was great. And Russell Crowe just lost himself in that role. I think that's the best thing he's ever done. I hope he's nominated for the Oscar as well as Ron Howard. I doubt either will win but they definitely deserve nominations. I'd love to buy it on dvd.

The plan for my birthday is to first sleep till early afternoon. Then I'll go over to my parents' around 5pm to have dinner and cake. Mandy and her twins will be there, too. After that I'll go over to Michael's and we'll probably go have some drinks and then go to see Syriana in the theatre and then maybe go for more drinks or something.

As for the rest of my vacation, I am going to try to set aside a couple of days to just clean this motherfucking apartment out. It's at the point where it's bad enough to bug the crap outta me and that is bad. I can withstand quite a bit of clutter and mess. It's just out of control.

Now I'm off to change my profile since it still says I'm just shy of 40. I'm no longer shy. I'm getting quite friendly with 40 now.

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