Another one bites the dust [ 2006-05-08, 11:33 p.m. ]


That would be a sigh of relief.

This morning at the usual Monday meeting, boss lady took Diane and I aside to chastise (sp?) us for something very petty. Not the first time. I tried to just shrug it off. But she had made it a point to tell each manager that she needed to sit down privately with each one today. So I'm thinking, oh great. What else did I do?

I got ZERO sleep last night. So the meeting was me just waiting to go home and nap for a few hours. I had to then go in for an appt. with my doctor to just confirm my surgery and iron out any questions. I'm just trying to push to the back of my mind any anxiety about work and focus on the anxiety I have about the surgery. I want and need it but that doesn't make it any less scary. Sometimes it sucks to be a grown-up.

Anyhow, I went and spent too much money at the drugstore and then headed over to work a bit early. I got some coffee and walked around the store. I went up to Jonathan and he asked if I wanted to read the conference call notes that our manager always writes up for us from her weekly district manager conference call. So I perused it. Nothing major. Then at the end it mentioned something that I wasn't sure about. I caught up with Jonathan again and asked him if it was right. He confirmed it was.

She's being transferred to another location in July since their last manager got canned a couple weeks ago and they are expecting to open a bigger version of that store in November. So the DM wanted an experienced, gung-ho manager to take over ASAP. Which, though there are things I don't like about her, she's definitely a whip things into shape kind of person. I usually get along with her actually.

So, while I have no illusions that I'm saved from being fired ever, I can pray that out next manager will be somebody who has a better/different way of managing. One can hope.

It's so weird that this has happened but I'm not totally surprised. When I heard that other manager got fired, I kinda thought to myself that they'd need somebody quick.

We have another couple months of her so I'm not going to rest on any laurels I might have. I'll just have to ramp it up and make a good impression on the next manager. And of course, I'm still planning on looking for something else starting after my vacation in June.

But still...sigh of relief. Other shoe dropping. Prayers answered.

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