Hypnotizing chickens [ 2006-11-04, 2:00 a.m. ]

Damn, that was the hardest thousand some odd words that I've ever made myself write. Ok, slight exaggeration but really..I've got a bit of writer's block in how fast I want my story to progress. I'm trying very hard to do some character development first. I'm only on page 10, for crying out loud. Anyway, I'm up to 4609 words now total.

Tonight I was closing yet again at the store and I started to come unhinged. I had two trainees on different paces of training and I was feeling like I had no idea what was going on. And when I feel like that, and add to it lack of sleep and PMS..well, Judith had a little cry. Another manager, Julie G.(different from the other Julie), had come by after being at the new store to help with set up. She asked how things were and I went into the tiny office which has no privacy to speak of and started to cry while I told her of my frustrations. I also told her I was probably PMSing so it was making it worse for me. I told her I also knew that now that she's the new asst. manager, that she has a lot bigger things to worry about. But she's sweet and she listened to me. And bought me a Godiv@ candy bar (yummy) to help me. It's funny that after I break down like that I can always think much more clearly. You gotta love that about being a woman. I arranged the training and things worked out fine for the rest of the night.

I was thinking though on the way home about how much I'm hating closing all the time. How I'd really rather be over at the new store setting up and how sick I am of interviewing and training. I then stopped myself. I realized that this was only temporary. Less than a month to go now till the store opens. And I'm damn lucky. Because then I'll just have the music dept. to worry about and take care of. I told myself to just chill. Which I will definitely keep in mind.

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