Geezer [ 2007-01-19, 9:31 p.m. ] three days off are almost over. But I do have my vacation to look forward to which starts next Friday. Which will start the three-day celebration of my birthday. Get your shopping done now!

Yesterday I had some off few hours where I felt all weepy. And where I realized how happy I am that I made that appt. with the psychiatrist. Because it was one tiny thing that set me off and I couldn't control my reaction to it. I have to find out why.

But today was better. Not that yesterday was bad. Just a couple hours were. TV was great last night. And if you don't watch My Name Is Earl then you didn't hear the best shout-out ever. They completely namechecked Television Without Pity. Funny as hell. And of course, The Office was great. I have undying love for that show.

Anyway, today was shopping with my mom. Thankfully, the weather cleared up. It was just a bit chilly and windy but no rain. I bought myself a mattress pad for my lumpy old mattress. I'm hoping it will help. Plus, I got a poster of Paris that I plan on hanging up. And a couple of album frames. Now to choose what goes in them. I have two others that I need to hang up as well.

Marcia called me this morning and asked about my birthday happenings. She should be there next week, I'm hoping. And she said she needed to call me tomorrow before I go in. Not sure what that's about but I'm thinking it's about Julie. They did date a couple of times and now with Julie moving to Atlanta to move in with her new girlfriend...not sure how Marcia is dealing with that. I'm a straight girl living in an episode of The L-Word.

I colored my hair tonight. Stupid silvery hair coming in at my temples. What is funny is how people still look at me and say things like "I don't think you're old enough to remember the mini-series from the 80's called North & South..." when they ask me for the dvd. C'mon, people. I would have to be less than 30 to not remember that. But I love you. Keep saying it.

Oh, I keep forgetting to put something in here that happened last week at work. I had a customer who mentioned he worked at the library. He asked me what he thought might be a difficult music question which I answered easily and gave him additional information about the artist. The guy told me that he was the senior library manager for the county and asked if I wanted a job! I know! I told him that I had just started managing this dept. so probably not. But then when he checked out with one of my cashiers, he still left his card for me. How cool is that? I honestly might contact him though about getting a part-time job. I would love to have a bit of extra income so I can afford to save some money and/or buy a car.

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