Dreaming is free [ 2007-02-02, 6:47 p.m. ]

Hmmm...nothing too exciting going on over here in JudithLand.

I did get an email yesterday from the My Chemical Romance site informing me about new tour dates. Before I opened it up, I said out loud "I would not be lucky enough for them to come to my town". But what do you know?! They are! On April 26th. And they have an opening band, Muse, that I really do like. So I let Helen know about this development since she likes MCR as does her 13 year old daughter,Leila.
The pre-sale for them went on at 10am today so I jumped on the computer right then and bought our tickets. She's paying me back on Monday.

I got back my pictures from last Friday night at the karaoke bar. If you want to see them, I have them on my myspace pics and also on my flickr account which you can access by clicking on the Photos link on the right.

Anyway, I haven't really gotten much done around the house. There is a big surprise. Sigh.

I had three weird dreams these past couple days. One was where I was surrounded by these kind of burly guys and I was trying to walk away. One of them grabbed my wrist and I was struggling but he was too strong. A few of the other guys started surrounding me and I was pleading in my head to my awake self to open my eyes, to rescue me. Finally I did but when I woke up I could still feel those hands around my wrists.

Another dream was basically stolen from the horror flic The Descent. It was me and another girl and we were in these caves. We were trying to see if we could get some light going and there actually were some switches to turn on some dim lights. There was a tunnel that seemed like our only way out. We had our backpacks and tentatively made our way down the incline where it opened up to a much bigger cave with a walkway that skirted a huge dropoff. We weren't really afraid of seeing those weird half-human things like in the movie but it was still spooky. I woke up without really getting anywhere.

My third dream was just short but kind of cool yet funny. I was walking along a boardwalk kind of place on a beach. This very nice looking guy had his arm around me and he said that he couldn't believe I was 41. I said that well, it's just a number. I then asked how old he was. He said he was 22. Which made me start laughing. He looked like he was in his late twenties but that wasn't why I was laughing. Just that when I was in my twenties I couldn't get guys like that. But now at my age I think I can. Whether that's true in my real life, is neither here nor there. But part of me is having a good time trying.

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