Famous Last Words [ 2007-04-27, 3:54 a.m. ]

Woot! The My Chemical Romance concert was so much fun!! Helen, her daughter (Leila) and I stood in line with all the other freaks (as we are freaks as well) for almost an hour to get into the arena. I was wearing my I heart Dirty Rocker Boys t-shirt, jeans and boots (I really should have worn my Chucks. The boots have about a two inch chunky heel and I was standing in place for a long time during the concert. Yow.)

We got in and got up near the front but stage right. Muse was the opening band and they completely rocked. The lead singer plays lead guitar and piano and I have to tell you..it is guys like that who completely explain why girls go nuts for musicians. Sure, he was good-looking but the amazing talent made him twenty times hotter. They started their set with "Knights of Cydonia" which made all of the crowd, including me, go apeshit. Later in the set these huge balloons were carried out and we bounced them around till they popped and confetti came out. Fun.

MCR came out and Leila's favorite member of the band, Frank, was on our side so she was psyched. They played all of "The Black Parade" complete with fire and more confetti. Then they came out and did some of their tunes from their other cds, which I only know a little bit of. I really love "The Black Parade" and that's what prompted me to want to come see them. They really put on a fantastic show. Gerard, the lead singer, is a great frontman. Charasmatic and full of energy.

After the show, Leila and two of her friends that she met up with wanted to go wait for the band to come out at their tour bus. Which only took two hours. Yes. Two hours. I'm guessing they didn't want a huge crowd to deal with so they waited. Frank came out first which completely thrilled Leila. She gave him one of her beaded bracelets, which he put on. He traded sharpies with her after saying he liked her's better than his own. Got his signature and got to tell him how much she loved seeing the band. I just about cried for her being able to meet somebody that she truly idolizes. She's loved MCR since she was 11 and she's now 14.

After Frank finished signing things, another one of the guys came out but that was it. No Gerard!! Rats. But you gotta like him for letting the other guys have the spotlight.

I got home after 1am and now I'm just about ready for bed. Tomorrow I'm off again so I'll be just sitting back, taking it easy. Ahhhhh...

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