Good day [ 2007-05-06, 12:47 a.m. ]

I had such a nice day today.

I mean, it didn't start off great because I did have a wee bit of the hangover because of last night. That's the first time I've had anything but a slight headache after partying in a while. And all I had was beer! I think. It was probably all the smoking. Blargh.

But anyway I went to lunch with Christie and we had a great time just chatting away. I had a crab cake sandwich which is so delish. Holy mother. She had this huge open-faced chicken salad sandwich. When we saw it brought to the table, we were like "Wow". Afterwards, we walked a block (though we thought with all that food we should just walk all the way to the movies) to this cool gift/stationary/book/knicknack store. I bought some very neat magnets to put on my fridge all with pics of Paris. I went a bit spastic when I saw them.

Then we drove to the movies and went to see "Year of the Dog" which has Molly Shannon in it. She was very good in that role. A lot of it was funny but it was also sad and introspective. Most of the movie was good but right towards the end it lost steam. I recommend it as a rental.

After the movie as she was driving me home we made a detour to the artsy movie rental place that Matt also works at (He works at that movie theatre we went to but he's working tomorrow. He told me last night he would've gotten us in free. :-D ). He was also not working today at the video place but we walked around talking about movies and I gushed about how much she needs to see "Grey Gardens". Really, if you've never seen it, go rent it. The best documentary ever.

After that we strolled over to the comic book store and I asked to be put on the list to be called as soon as they get back in the Joss Whedon "Buffy" comics. I'm now on the geek list. I don't think they really needed my phone number. They were just getting numbers of hot girls who walked into the store. Heh.

Then we went next door to Starbucks and had coffee (she had tea) and we talked for a long time. A guy came in that Christie teaches with at the university. This guy was quite cute. Probably late twenties and beautiful eyes. He was taking a small break from writing a paper because he's going for his Masters. He was a bit dazed and everytime Christie tried to find a moment to introduce me, he kept talking. But he did wave goodbye to me as he left. I totally need to hang out at that Starbucks more.

Finally we went back to my place where there seemed to be some police hunt going on in the neighborhood. Cop cars and a helicopter. I still have no idea what that was about. After she left I went to pay rent, grocery shop and then came back home. Where, even though I was hungry, I laid down and napped for 3 hours. It felt soooo nice.

Tonight will be finished off with some movie watching and some dinner. At 1am.

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