Let the good times roll [ 2007-05-25, 8:54 a.m. ]

No, I haven't gone to bed yet, why do you ask? I've been up almost 24 hours. But I had a good time so that's what counts.

Yep. I was out all night again with Charlie. The night started with me getting to the bar around 10:30pm. I was feeling a bit draggy from little sleep the night before and then working till almost 8pm. Eventually, I perked up some. Sang a whole bunch. I seemed to be "the ringer" last night. People pulling me up to the stage to sing with them, people telling me how great I am. You gotta love that kind of thing. Plus,I was hit on by 3 men. There was one guy who assumed I was younger than him. He was only 34. I didn't reveal my age but told him I loved him. Another one was particularly cute and he played with my hair some. I, unfortunately, did not get the real chance to talk too much with him and didn't get his number nor give my mine. But I hope to see him again next week.

After the bar closed (and after many Blue Moons for me), Charlie drove me in my car to a diner where we sat with a few friends of his that were pretty funny,cool,goth and young. The one very sexy cute guy was only 18. Holy shit. (Let me reiterate that Charlie is 27).

After that we went and parked and smoked weed. We talked,listened to some music, laughed and talked some more. Eventually, after we realized it was getting close to 7am, we went and parked in his parking garage at his apartments (he lives with his mom and younger sister). He made sure that I knew that he wasn't ready for anything physical with anybody yet. He hasn't had sex in 4 months, which I think is a record for him. He has some health issues (minor but still) that are affecting how he feels about himself plus he just doesn't want any drama in his life right now. I think that was when he shrugged his shoulder to make sure I was listening while my head was on his shoulder. I told him it was ok. Of course, later he rested his head on my bosom (as he called it) and I just stroked his face. It's amazing how quickly we've gotten close. He really likes hanging with me and that's pretty nice. I like hanging with him,too. We'll probably do something tonight but I can't stay out too late because I have the horseback riding at 11am tomorrow. Yay!!

The thing about being around Charlie is that he treats me with respect. He looks out for me. And he's sweet in his own odd way. Even if we never get physically close, at least I have another friend.

I need comments,people!! Validate me now!

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