I want to know what you're thinking [ 2007-06-04, 9:53 p.m. ]

Well, a long time, no write. Sorry 'bout that.

Yea, as I said in last entry..."I'm about to fall asleep", I did right after that. Just completely zonked out on my bed. Didn't set my alarm but still woke up on time.

I had to go in earlier than my shift on Thursday so I could sit down with a music seller that I'd observed on the CCTV reading a book for 15 minutes and not waiting on customers. He's our eldest employee (which isn't my point but I mean..he's old enough to know better) and he's been with the company for five years. He transferred up here from Florida and he'd worked in the music dept. there. But he's just a pain to work with. Not enough to fire but enough to where nobody likes to work with him. Anyway, I had to have this conversation with him and then I had to back out some other time that I was over earlier in the week so I didn't go back in to work till 5pm. I closed that day. I had a lot to take care of before my vacation started. I confided to Caleb, who was the closing manager, that I was starting to feel a panicky about all the things I needed to get done. So he helped me like the awesome guy he is and I got the bulk of everything taken care of.

After work that night, I went to the karaoke bar where I drank, sang, flirted big time, drank some more, and just generally hung out. I performed Ike & Tina Turner's version of "Proud Mary" which went over well. Love that song. Afterwards, Charlie drove me over to Eston's house where Thomas and this girl who looks like Chloe Sevigny, Lindsay, were as well. We smoked you-know-what and listened to music. And I realized that I'm quite attracted to Eston. At one point I'm pretty sure my hand was just resting right on his crotch. I wonder how long that went on.

I didn't get home till dawn, of course. Got on the road to my sister's place in Charleston around 2pm and got there before 6pm. We went to dinner and then to see "Spiderman 3". I loved it and cried, of course.

It rained all day on Saturday because of Tropical Storm Barry (White). So we ended up doing some shopping on Mt.Pleasant, taking it easy, went to an early showing of "Knocked Up", which was great, and then to a restaurant where I flirted with the 16/17 year old waiter. Poor guy, he was so flustered.

Sunday the weather was so much better and we went downtown. We had every intention of attending a Piccolo Spoleto event but it was sold out. So of course we shopped. I bought some cool jewelry, naturally. We ate at this restaurant called Fleet Landing. You ever get the chance to go there, do it. It's a beautiful view, good menu and just a really cool environment.

During the weekend, I texted Eston twice. The thing is, I'm not sure my number is in his phone so I'm not sure he knew it was me those two times. The first time I texted, he called but I didn't pick up. Because I'm a chickenshit. The second time, he phoned me back in the morning but I was still asleep, I think. Anyway, I phoned him later on Sunday and got his voicemail. I just let him know that it was me leaving those texts for him and that like I'd written "I would really like to hear some more of your music sometime". Which is the truth. He played me a couple of songs on Thursday which sounded very good. (Which reminds me, at that point we were alone in his house while Lindsay and Charlie were smoking cigs on the back porch. We had the door closed to the room and when those two came back in the house, I heard Charlie making orgasm noises like Eston and I were getting it on. I told Charlie later "You know, nothing happened in there." His reply was "Oh, I was just joking". The thing is, I think Charlie would not be too thrilled if I got together with Eston. Yet I would. The guy is sex on a stick.)

So I'm guessing I will see Eston again on Thursday night most likely. Hopefully, he will not have a girl with him like he usually does. If he does...well, we'll see.

Right now, I'm a bit tired and will probably go to bed early for once.

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