At the end of the day [ 2007-11-05, 9:54 p.m. ]

Wow. What an irritating day. It was one thing after another. I had my closing employee have car trouble so I had no coverage in the afternoon where I could have office time. Thankfully, tomorrow I do have double coverage. But today was just irritating customer day and I just wanted to snap at them. But I refrained. :p

And then coming home, the traffic was slow for no apparant reason other than people are stupid. Everybody. Every person driving near and around me was stupid.

When I FINALLY arrived home, there were 3 messages on my machine. I just knew that all 3 were going to be past due bill calls. irritating day actually ended with an upbeat note. One of the messages was from a local city councilman running for re-election (hey,tomorrow is voting day.) Another was reminding me of my psychiatrist appt. on Wednesday. And the best one was from the the Fresh M@rket. I had filled out an online application (one of those long ones where you answer a bunch of situational questions) there the same night I sent T@rget my resume. So they want to do an interview with me. I'm calling them tomorrow to set up the interview. My T@rget orientation isn't till Saturday so we'll see what happens before then.

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