I want to kiss your pineapple [ 2007-11-04, 1:10 a.m. ]

Tonight was a good night. I got to see Jim. That pretty much sums it up. But I'll elaborate.

Eston is with a new band that was playing at this small cafe place not far from me. I got there and Eston & Sarah (his g/f) both saw me and waved me over. I was there for only a few minutes when Jim appeared. God, it was so nice to see him after 3 long weeks. We hugged a nice hug. Hung out together the whole time. He had his digital camera with him and kept trying to take pictures of me. I usually hate how I look in pictures so I kept putting a hand up or turning away. When Eston's band went up, Jim was taking video & pics of them. At one point, he went up on the tiny stage and took some pics from behind them. When he came back, he showed me the three pics he'd taken. One focusing on the band, another one towards Eston and one where he'd tried to get me in the frame but I was sitting too far behind Sarah and a friend of her's. Heh. But he did end up getting two pictures of me. The second one wasn't too bad.

We chatted some and kidded around with each other after the bands were done. Then we both smoked cigs outside and headed towards our cars. He walked me to mine, congratulated me again on my new pt job and gave me a hug.

I came home and got some dvds that I needed to take back for while and was thinking about why I've been mainly watching horror/scary movies (besides it being Halloween) as I drove to the video store. I can't watch any movies that seem to have a heavy plotline with a love story in it. It hurts too much. Guess why.

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