red hot poker [ 2007-12-14, 1:05 a.m. ]

I went to the doctor this morning. It's always "fun" to go uptown (downtown,whatever). It isn't a big downtown but there are too many one way freakin' streets that you have to circle back around if you miss the building. Which I did. Finally got to where I needed to be. Filled out all the paperwork.

Got to see my doctor, a nice, young guy. He seemed to actually listen to me, which is cool. He figures that my leg problem is a pinched nerve. He gave me some exercises that might help it. As for my throat, he noticed that my right ear was red, which isn't surprising since it hurts like a mother and it is the side that my sinuses usually hurt the most. And he also said that my tonsils were nice and inflamed. Ugh. No wonder my throat isn't getting better. Well, it's slightly better since the first day but still...owie. He gave me a prescription for a penicillin thing that also has amoxicellin in it. I take it for 10 days. Twice a day.

So I went to work today. After an hour, I went to receiving and burst into tears. My leg was killing me. I had a sinus headache and my throat hurt. You take those things one at a time and I can deal. But all together? No. After Rox in receiving comforted me with some sympathy, I went back to the floor. Then, Laurel came up to me and obviously Rox had let her know I was in pain. She suggested that there was some office work that they could give me to do so when I felt like sitting down, I could do that. This gave me some hope and somehow I was able to do my whole 8 hours, with the last two and a half hours spent at the desk about to die from my headache but somehow, someway pulling through.

I mentioned to one of the women who recently started working in the store that I really needed to see a massage therapist. She then told me that a friend of her's was going to become a massage therapist and needed 25 patients to finish to get her license, or something. I told her to give her my name and that I would definitely be interested. Apparantly, it would be free, though I would surely tip her. My neck and shoulders are killing me now.

I am one big massive ball of pain right now.

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