Relax! [ 2009-07-26, 5:52 p.m. ]

The 3rd day of my 4 day weekend has been pretty good so far. I stayed up last night doing nothing until about 6am. The last part of that nothing was me lying in bed feeling very gloomy about my future at work. It's been weighing over me pretty intensely the last few days. I should know something by the end of the week, I think. I just want to know.

Anyway, about today. I woke up around noonish which is not bad since I fell asleep in the morning! Went out to T@rget and picked up my crazy pills prescription (another worry is that if I lose my job, I lose my insurance and therefore..), mascara, eyeliner and rice cakes galore! Lightly salted and the caramel corn. Yummo.

Then I filled up my gas tank and headed off to the grocery store. Bought several bags of the new Birds Eye Steamfresh veggies for the meals at work. Plus, that activia yogurt stuff. What can I say? Jamie Lee Curtis has finally worn me down. Peach and strawberry flavors. As for real fruit there was strawberries and watermelon. I turn into a giant fruit bowl during the summer. I eat it like candy.

On my way home I stopped at the auto store and picked up windshield wiper fluid and window cleaner and small squeegee to clean the inside of the car windows.

When I got home, I decided to let the car cool down before I tackled it with a washing. So, I read emails. My cousin, Karen, emailed to let everybody know that my Aunt Carol is still not doing great. She's in the hospital and they're trying to get all the fluid out of her lungs. She has too much carbon dioxide and it's making her breathing difficult so they put her on a bipap(?) mask sort of like what people with sleep apnea use. I'm praying for her and keeping her in my thoughts. Aunt Carol is my mom's only sibling and I would hate for her to lose her.

Karen did call while I was in my room and talked with my mom and sounded slightly more upbeat than her email so that's a good sign.

After some surfing on the 'net I went outside and washed the outside of my car and cleaned the inside of the windshield and put in the the wiper fluid. Took out any trash and that was it. It could be vacuumed and wiped down but that was all I felt like doing. Besides it's a billion degrees out there.

I made my first ever appointment for a professional massage!! It's tomorrow at noon. I'm a big ball of anxiety so I know this is going to feel good. I think afterwards I'll go to the nearby coffee place and read so I don't drive right away. Just relax. That's what Frankie says.

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