Newman's Own Tequila Lime Mild Salsa is Delicious [ 2009-08-15, 1:50 a.m. ]

Ok. Two days after going to the weight loss clinic...I'm over it. 500 calories a day using mainly protein is like fucking torture to me. So, back to the low-fat/low calorie but not to a torturous minimum. And I will introduce some exercise into it. I realize that I said it would seem to some people like throwing good money after bad. And I realize that it now sounds like the case. But I'm just trying to look at it philosophically and not kick myself. I can learn from it by knowing what doesn't work for me. And ...damn, carbs taste good after not having them for two days. Oh,well. Live and learn and move on.

I talked to Brooks online last night for a couple of hours. At first he wasn't talking much to me and I told him I'd let him go. And to talk to me more next time. He replied with a flippant "whatever" and we said goodnight. I hated that reply. I hate being told "whatever". But I was still online talking to a west coast friend and he im'd me a while later asking why I hadn't gone to bed. I think he was mea cuplaing. So we had some good conversation and everything ended up fine. Which is a load off.

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