You can't win or lose if you don't run the race [ 2009-10-07, 11:26 p.m. ]

Woo,boy. What a long 7 days. Why do I schedule myself that way? There was no reason for that! Luckily, I do have Thursday and Friday off. There just might be a LOT of sleeping tomorrow. Friday is a day to go to Target because I'm in need of some basic stuff like Q-tips, toothpaste and whatnot.

This past weekend was fun. Except for the working part but otherwise... As I posted, I met Colin Hay of Men at Work fame on Friday. I went to the show at a local club and he played for two hours. He has such wonderful songs. It was just him and a guitar. Plus, between songs he would tell hysterically funny anecdotes. I had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard.

After he had a meet & greet. As I was standing in line this girl Dawn whom I've known from the karaoke bar (which I haven't been to in over a year) was yammering on drunkenly to me. Good Lord. If you can't hold your drink then just drink alone. Cause nobody wants to be around that.

Anyway, once I got up to Colin Hay I started freaking like I do when I meet somebody famous that I love. I had quickly bought a cd of his from the table of merch since I had nothing for him to sign. (I didn't know he'd be doing any kind of signing after the show). So I had him the cd and he asks my name and I blurt out "I've loved you since I was 16! Posters all over my wall!". Why??? Why am I such a moron? This is why I suck at small talk. I have no idea what to say. He just sort of murmured,"Really?". I got a kid that was with his dad behind me to take my picture with Colin on my iPhone. Posterity! I still can't believe I met him. But I can believe I sounded like an idiot. I'm the same girl who told the Ramones "You guys are great!". I'm such a Riff Randall.

Saturday night I went to see the Psychedelic Furs who had the Happy Mondays opening for them. I went with April and her friends. We met up again at the bar next to the club. I had two Midori sours and a one beer. That is outrageous for me! I had a nice buzz which is all I wanted. We went over to the club and the Happy Mondays had just gone on. I danced my patootie off. Their music was always the kind you couldn't not dance to. When they were almost done I got myself a bottled water since I didn't want the same thing happening to me like it did at the Cult show. Luckily though I had actually eaten dinner this time.

The Psychedelic Furs came on and Richard Butler still looked damn hot. He has aged quite well. He sounds great, too. I saw them back in 1986 or so and it was the middle of summer. I remember how I became overheated by the venue's lack of ventilation. I enjoyed this show a lot more. After it was over we tried to hand around outside to see if Richard would come out to sign autographs. But by the time 12:30am rolled around I knew I had to go since I had to be at work again in 12 hours. Turns out he never came out anyway.

Today I got the nicest message on FB from an old high school classmate.
"First of all, do you go by Judy at all or are you Judith. I like to make sure I call people what they prefer since I absolutely hate when people call me Marie (because it's not my name dammit!). I just remember you as Judy and if that is wrong, I wanna get it right. Second of all, are you going to the reunion? I have enjoyed your FB posts so much - I would absolutely love to see you. You seriously amuse me - I love your sense of humor, you make me laugh and I DO seriously live vicariously through you since you get to see the MOST AMAZING BANDS! If you are coming to reunion, I'm having people over at 5 before the reunion and would LOVE to have you come over. I live sort of close to Hunting Hills (well, near (local mall name), which is close enough). Let me know, I would really like for you to come and bring anyone you want. :)"

It's so funny cause Maria and I knew each other through junior high and high school. We were always friendly but ya know..not close. So it's really nice to have somebody say that to me. Here's my reply:
"Hey, Marie! Ok, I couldn't resist that. Sorry! I have been going by Judith since 1993 when I switched jobs and decided "Eh, I don't like the name Judy anymore". But I don't expect people who knew me as Judy to call me Judith so that's not a problem.

Thank you for the invite. I am definitely coming to the reunion! And I would love to come over to see you and other peeps. Are you talking about the Friday or Saturday? I'm guessing Saturday, right? Since that's the night of the Hunting Hills shindig. I'm not sure if I'll bring anyone. I have been talking to Brooks T. who was a year behind us but with whom I was in choir. We reconnected through FB and he is living in Roanoke. I haven't invited him to come with me yet but either way, I'd love to come over. Just hit me with directions sometime before then.

I now feel pressure to have funnier posts. Have you noticed how most of everyone's posts, including me, are about being tired or wanting to go on vacation or food? Or all three?"

Ok, that's it for now. How's it going out there? I need comments, people!

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