Stand up and Shout! [ 2010-05-12, 2:52 a.m. ]

I've got to stop being so damn emo. I'm not going to worry so much about "why isn't he talking to me?!" because it's just useless. We spoke very briefly today. Maybe we'll talk tomorrow. Not sure. But it won't kill me if we don't. And I don't know if I mentioned it before but I'm going to see him at the end of June. At least that's the plan at the moment.

The Avon thing is going well. I just have to keep building up the customer base. You can go to this link if you want to buy from the site. I'll still get credit.

Tonight I went with Kerry and Robyn to eat at PF Changs and then to see a free showing of the new "Robin Hood". The food was delicious. I ordered the lettuce wraps for our appetizer and I had sesame chicken and two vodka/cranberry juices. The movie was fun. I like those kind of movies. If you don't ...well, then don't go see it.

Going to see OK Go play tomorrow night with a couple of old friends. Getting together for drinks beforehand.

Then Thursday it's "Iron Man 2" and karaoke with Robyn. I'm moving the bellydance class to their Saturday class.

I went karaoking by myself last Saturday night and got a nice bar patron to film me singing the Pretender's song "Middle of the Road".

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