Your phone's off the hook..but you're not! [ 2010-06-15, 1:31 a.m. ]

Last Friday I went to get a massage and facial. It was my monthly paid for massage and I had a gift card to use for the facial. I'm not sure facials are for me. At least not too often. Now, it was really relaxing but then I proceeded to break out in my T zone over the weekend.

In the afternoon on Friday I went to see my twin niece and nephew graduate from high school. So weird to see them that old now. Christy came to town and after the graduation was over and people came over to Mandy's place for food and all, we all hung out and talked and joked around. It was fun. I will probably not visit Christy in Charleston this summer. She and Kevin are too busy. So I'm going to wait till October when the county fair is going on. That is always fun to go to.

This past weekend was my friend Maria's band playing just outside of Roanoke. I got there around 6 and Jeremy, her husband, drove me and a friend of Maria, Susan, to the show which was an hour away. Several of Maria's friends showed up. A few I had met during the reunion pre-party back in the fall. So this place was a little hole in the wall that was a sports bar. Not a fancy one. A few pool tables and a few tvs above the bar. Some tables sitting around. The "stage" was just behind some railings, not really set up from the floor. Maria thought they should put up some chicken wire and then they could play "Rawhide" a la The Blues Brothers. Hee.

Maria was very nervous since this was the first time the band had played a bar. The other time was at a party. They play covers of mostly punk to modern rock. Everything from Hole, Belly, U2, X and Blondie and Radiohead. Before she came out to sing with them, the band did Pixies and Dead Kennedys among others. Pretty good selection of stuff. I wholeheartedly approved. Had a really good time. At one point these two drunk local girls were dancing together back and forth in front of the band. After the fifth time of them doing it I stood up and blocked their path. I looked at Susan who was standing next to me and she gave me a high five. I hate people who try to steal the band's spotlight. You can dance but don't make a spectacle of yourself.

By the time we got back to Maria and Jeremy's house, it was almost 3am. I stayed over in their guest room. Woke up around 10:30am. Had two cups of coffee while watching The Jerk on dvd in their living room. Her parents had slept over since their power had gone out in their house the night before. They had brought their tiny dog over. Maria has a cat named Byron who is just the most friendly cat ever and I just kept calling him over and patting and scratching him. I miss having a cat. Sigh.

Anyway, by the time I got home I was so tired. Mainly because I had to drive through a huge amount of rain on the way home. No more going out of town twice in on week!

I have several new followers on twitter now. Besides the usual spam ones, some are because of my association with the band I saw last week in Raleigh, Run@way D0rothy. So funny how one's name can be spread around.

Below are two embedded videos. One is from RD that I took in Raleigh. And the other is Maria's band that I took in Virginia.

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