Kungfukitten - 2006-09-19 02:18:34
The vibrator story nearly had me spit Diet Coke all over my new computer. Shame on you for nearly ruining my new computer. Oh man, you're funny. ;)
Smed - 2006-09-19 07:59:30
Ange - 2006-09-19 09:32:35
LOL @ the vibrator cropping up in the laundry basket!
lap - 2006-09-19 10:32:12
I've been watching Buffy in the morning on FX in my waking up doze each morning, and today was the series finale. I still thought it was good. I watched Firefly yesterday too, and then thought- "I have these on dvd, DUH" It's still more fun to watch them on TV though. It's like listening to music on shuffle- an invirgorating suprise!

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