lap - 2006-10-30 09:22:26
That jacket sounds cute! Black is the perfect compliment to that dove gray color too (or grey colour if we pretend we're British). I hope you got your picture taken! Keep in mind if there's a time to wear the skirt that you don't want to be cleavalicious that Spin actually did a survey that noted that 80% of men thought there was nothing sexier a girl could wear than a Hanes t-shirt. Which would also be awesome a-top that skirt. With like a red vintage old man cardigan or the like. I wish I lived near you so we could have hijinks.. Oh! This morning I saw the Halloween ep that inspired your costume, FX is showing out of order to show Halloween ones. The actual-size fear demon made me laugh. Plus Anya in her bunny suit declaring "yes they're ALL trapped but you have to save Xander!"

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