Ranting [ 2003-09-15, 3:19 p.m. ]

I had my physical today. I wanted a female doctor but ended up with a male doctor. But was I assertive enough to speak up about that? No. Of course not. Why? I have no idea.

The doctor gave me a couple prescriptions for the foot problem and is sending me a referral for an orthopedist.

I ended up using my mom's credit card (which I had because I've been waiting to get the rim replaced on my wheel but haven't yet). I have a $200 deductible that I haven't met yet so I had to pay $85 for the visit. I got some blood drawn and urine sample (I know, TMI). This is a public site so I won't mention the most humiliating part. Maybe some other time.

Michael just called me on his cell phone in his car. He's on his way to Charleston, SC and thought he was lost. He hadn't been there in a few years since they changed the interchange system around Columbia. I told him he wasn't lost, that he just needed to wait for the exit for 26East. Glad I was able to talk to him. Kinda panicky I know that feeling of being lost.

This morning at the manager meeting (before the dr. appt), I had this feeling of being over my head. The store visit with Chris, our district manager, went well last week. But now Tammy wants all of us (including herself) to live up to what our job descriptions really are. Instead of doing a part of everybody's job. I understand that but... I don't think its going to be a smooth transition. Plus, the dept manager's job description is shelving and merhandising all the new releases. I like that job. But as asst. manager that's not my responsibility. I know Tammy has told me I'm a strong operational manager and I guess that's true. But I also like putting out new releases and merching. Maybe with this headache I have right now its not helping my outlook. I know I need to go with the flow. And I will. But I'm allowed to grouse if I want. I'm just glad Diane (the other asst. manager) is back from vacation. I felt pretty alone last week. This whole new scheme just seems like alot of unnecessary work that Diane and I have to do now. The whole thing of making schedules and doing the daily assignment sheets for the whole fucking month. AND answering all the calls for supervisor functions to the front. That fucking blows the most. I swear to God I need another job.

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