Decisions, decisions [ 2003-11-13, 10:47 p.m. ]

Fuck fuck fuck. I really need to make a decision about catching a ride with that guy and his friends. Damn it.

To top off this indecision, on the Afghan Whigs fan site, there was this silly reply on the thread that I started about the Atlanta show. I started it back in Oct. just to say "who is going, cause I need to people to hang out with!", that kind of thing. Other people responded, cool and all. This last reply today was this guy saying "One week till the show! Can't wait to meet Dulli Girl" (dork, that's not how I sign my name). I replied that I wouldn't get that excited. I know he meant that jokingly but you know...when one is fat like I am and guys say things like that. Well, you know that the first thought that will pop into his head if he sees me is "Oh great, a fat chick". Not that I should care what some dork on a fan site thinks of me. I'm stupid.

Plus, the main reason I'm indecisive about catching the ride with that guy and his friends (besides the fact that I've never met them of course) is the "fat chick" thing. Its not like the guy came on to me in his messages or email. He was very nice and straightforward. Crap.

People, what I should do????? Please let me know.

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