Thanksgiving Eve [ 2003-11-26, 10:57 p.m. ]

I worked my ass off at work today. I literally worked from dawn to dusk. Got there just about 6:30am and left at around 5:15pm. Good God. So that 4 hours of sleep that I thought would be enough? No. Not enough. But I really didn't start to feel it till about 2pm. I was working on rough drafts of daily assignment sheets for next week. Then I stayed late to type up the final drafts for Sunday and Monday. I thought my brain was going to implode.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day. Yay! And, man, has this year flown by or what? Last year at the beginning of December, my apartment had no power. We had an ice storm that knocked out power in my neighborhood for a week. I had to stay with my parents whom I love and all. But that got a bit old. I'm used to my privacy and setting my own schedule for meals and things. But at least I had them to stay with and it was around the holidays so that made it ok.

I watched The O.C. tonight. God, I love that show. I love Adam Brody. I don't care if I am 37 years old. He's my secret boyfriend. And he's really 23 so I'm not committing a crime! Really! So what if he's the same age as my nephew?

I have Brown Sugar cookie batter chilling right now. I was in the mood for something homemade and I managed to scrounge up the ingredients for this recipe. Its out of the Betty Crocker Picture Cookbook. I bought it a few years ago at a used bookstore. Its a first edition from 1950. Cost me $35. I love it because its old fashioned and has great info. I'll give the recipe if they turn out ok. I've never made them before.

I'm going over to my parents' tomorrow at around 11am. We'll be eating at about 1:30pm. My sister, Mandy, and all her kids including my nephew (the one who is 23) who lives in Roanoke now. She has four kids all together. So that's a crowd in itself.

Can't wait for turkey sandwiches!! Yum yum.

Happy Thanksgiving one and all!!

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