Sleepytime [ 2003-11-30, 3:18 a.m. ]

I fell asleep at 8pm. And woke up at 2am. I knew I was tired. But not that tired. My God. It felt good though.

So I'm watching Angel right now as has become a tradition for me on Saturday nights. They play the reruns of it on one of the local channels at this time every weekend. So since I stopped watching on a regular basis after they killed off Doyle (sniffle), these episodes are new to me. I had started watching this season again since Spike is on there. But for Petes sake, they have The West Wing, Angel and The O.C. all on at the same time on Wednesdays. And we all know what I've been watching this year. Mmm..Adam Brody. I've been trying to tape TWW but haven't kept up very well.

Speaking of TWW, they showed a marathon of them on Bravo on Thursday and Friday. I couldn't stop watching! It was great. Really makes me want that first season dvd set. I love TWW. The only part of it that I've ever had a quibble with is the fact that Aaron Sorkin has a tiny problem writing well for women. CJ is a great character and Alison Janney rocks. But otherwise, the women on there, while they tend to be very smart, also are very prickly. Its a bit irritating sometimes. That's a small complaint though.

Tomorrow I'm once again going to the 'rents to watch the Panthers play. Wash clothes. And mooch dinner.

Today at work I was really feeling the pain in my left ankle/foot. I stepped wrong and had a bad twinge in it. I'm so sick of dealing with this that I sat in the office and cried for a few minutes. To make matters worse I had to work with Tammy (boss) yesterday and today. Blah. I never know what kind of mood she's going to be in. She expects us to be chipper and positive but she doesn't even bother to do the same. Not that I really want a Pollyanna boss. I just don't want a moody one.

Ooohhh. Now "Buffy" is coming on. Yay! I prefer the first few seasons like most "Buffy" fans and this is one of the episodes from season 6, I think. Oh well. Beggars and all that.

Take it ez.

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