Stop winking at me. [ 2004-01-06, 1:22 a.m. ]

I got an email a few days ago from a personals website. I put a profile up on their site last summer but hadn't gone to it in several months. So I get an email saying that someone was "winking" at me. I go to the site and look up the guy's profile. He has a pic in there. He's not ugly but not my type. For example, the celebrity he says he resembles most is Jared from the Subway ads. Now really. Who would admit that? I'm not that superficial but I'm not perfect either. If I'm going to see somebody's pic and its not that great, then their answers to the profile questions need to draw me in. And from those he obviously isn't my type. He had changed part of his profile answers to direct them right at me using my profile name. Weird. And kinda sad.

I'm just not in a place where I would just go out with somebody just to have a date. I've got too much going on in my head to do that.

I had today off and managed to sleep it all away. It rained so today was a good day to do that. But now I'm gonna have a hard time getting to sleep tonight. I have to work 11-7:30 tomorrow.

Holy Crap. I just turned the tv to E! and they are doing the tour of Sun Studios. When I visited Memphis a couple years ago with my sis,Christy to visit our friend Becky..we went there and this guy gave the tour. The same rockabilly cool guy is giving them a personal tour on E!. Neato.

I finally finished the cd mixes that I should have sent out by the end of December. I am not doing the cd mix thing again till March. This stressed me out too much.


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