I dream of England [ 2004-01-08, 1:29 a.m. ]

Damn, I love The O.C.!!!!!

Somebody on a message board said how they love how it has replaced their obsession with Buffy. Which is so fucking true. I love the writing (usually) and the cast. Heaven. Pure freakin' heaven. Sigh.

Work today was busy busy busy. Returns and just stupid people calling us. And of course since we're trying to save payroll...not enough people to help all the customers and answer the phones. But for the most part it was an ok day. No higher ups around to oversee me. That's always nice. Making my own decisions and setting my own priorities. Always a nice feeling. Not having Tammy to contradict me at every move. Priceless.

I am going to take some cds to sell to the record store tomorrow. I've been holding out doing that again cause I really felt like I didn't have any left that I was willing to part with. But I have some blank cds and I'm biting the bullet. Selling my Tom Waits cds and some other cool ones. I'm recording all of the Tom Waits of course. It breaks my heart a bit but at least I have a burner so I'll still have the songs. Just not the actual cd and liner notes.

Tomorrow I'm off so I can sleep in. Which is good since its supposed to be even colder than it was today. Its around 25 degrees right now. And just a few days ago it was up to 73! Schizo weather. We're supposed to have some flurries on Friday as well.

A little while ago I was watching a movie on Lifetime Movie Network (that station is like crack). I know it was called Indiscretion. Pretty sure it was a Danielle Steel movie. This woman had been married over 20 years and her grown daughter had gone to college. Her husband was a big time diplomat and they traveled all around. She grew dissatisfied with the marriage and started falling in love with this nice looking Italian guy while they were in Italy. Can't blame her. Her husband was a stick in the mud. She ends up leaving her husband for the Italian guy. Yay! I like those kind of endings.

Speaking of Europe, I bought a 2004 calendar today. Its the Romantic Places in Europe. Gorgeous pics of Rome, London, Paris etc...

I had a very odd dream the other night. I was in England and driving around sightseeing but it was at night and I was in the middle of nowhere. I got out of the car and went around to look at this old building. I got scared all of a sudden and went back to the car which had become my mom's car. I opened the door but for some reason opened the passenger side. Then I went around to the driver side but sat down in the back. I sat there and wondered "Why am I back here?". I got out and opened the driver side and my parents were inside of the car. They asked me why I was so jumpy. I told them that I had forgotten I was with them. We drove back to the place we were staying. It was a kind of hostel. Noisy with alot of people but alot of character. This group of people started coming in with band equipment (I told this part to Brenda and she rolled her eyes and said "naturally!"). Anyway that's about the extent of the dream.

Do you think the part about me almost getting in the passenger side and then sitting in the back and wondering why I was there means anything? Like, take control of your life!! To analyze it, it would seem that way. With my parents being there, its kinda of like that I know I can rely on them. I know I shouldn't need them as much as I do financially but I do. But that's not even what it is. I love them and I like to spend time over there. I love that about my family. I wish I was able to get together more with both of my sisters too. As it is, I know I'll be going to a movie and then going to Outback for dinner with my sister Mandy for my birthday. Christy gave us both gift cards for Outback for Christmas.

My back is starting to hurt. Most move to the bed. Later all.

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