No sleep till Brooklyn! or whenever I get sleepy again [ 2004-03-26, 2:57 a.m. ]

No sleep till Brooklyn! or whenever I get sleepy again

Pulp Fiction is on right now. Ooh, John Travolta just shot Marvin in the face.

Today I was filling at another B&N location while they are short two managers. It was odd. It was almost like being on vacation once I got used to where everything was. The pace is so much slower than my location. Plus, the place is half the size. So, less running my legs off. I actually volunteered to just stay at the cashwrap for an extra hour. It was cool. I like talking with customers, just being nice and helping people out. There was rarely a line and when I needed help, someone came up right away. At my store, if you are in the back room it takes forever to get to the front. So if they need me again, its cool with me even though I did miss the cafe (meaning my coffee).

I was jonesing for coffee on my way home so I stopped at the Krispy Kreme. Lucky for me the Hot Now sign was on so I was forced to get a dozen glazed. I've never had their coffee, believe it or not. That is some good stuff. Highly recommend it.

I bought a copy of Quicken Basic 2004 yesterday. I'm gonna try to install it after finishing this entry. Seeing as how my finances are usually fucked up, I'm hoping this will help. Stand by.

I woke up half way through the night last night. I was asleep by midnight but woke up at 3:30am. Then, got about a half hour more of sleep before having to get ready for work. So after getting home and chatting a bit on my fave message board, I was going to make dinner. But I laid down instead. And fell asleep at 6pm and slept till 11:30pm. So I'm up for a while. What a frickin' goofball. Luckily I do close tomorrow night.

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