No woman, no clean [ 2004-04-20, 12:43 a.m. ]

Hey. I drove home tonight from visiting with my Mom (Dad was at work) and I think I either hit a pothole or a big rock. I pulled into a gas station to make sure my car was ok. I think it is...but I'm crossing my fingers. So I wanted to go to the grocery store and the only one near me wasn't exactly on the way home. So driving there I got the heebee jeebees from the guy in the car near me. I don't think there really was anything wrong with him but he was one of those weird drivers who don't pull up to the white line at a red light. He stayed almost a car length back from it (he was in the lane next to me). I don't know. I guess with the hitting the alledged pothole and the weird driver, kinda gave me a weird feeling.

I don't like driving past 11pm anymore in my car alone. Mainly because its about 10 years old now and its a Ford Escort so I feel its time is near.

I have not done one speck of cleaning. Not one friggin' speck. Hate to self.

I'll just have to do a bunch of it tomorrow and Wednesday. I don't need to go anywhere so that won't distract me. God, I hate cleaning but I hate how this place looks right now. Ugh.

Well, I hope the next time I write it will be to say that I got alot done. Wish me luck.

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