My weekend [ 2004-05-31, 10:09 p.m. ]

I had a lovely weekend visiting my sister in Charleston, SC. Got there around 5pm and we went out to dinner at a small German restaurant. Then we went to see The Day After Tomorrow. I know its a disaster movie and all but it was a good popcorn flick. The effects were neato and I liked the actors. I have a big ol' crush on Jake Gyllenhaal now. If you haven't seen the cover of the latest Entertainment Weekly you need to go look at it. Yummmmy.

On Saturday we went to the Outdoor Crafts Show downtown. I bought a cool ring with a spectralite. Its a gem only found in Labrador. Its kinda grey with a floating blue part that comes and goes in the light. Also got some postcard size photos from around Charlestong that I'm going to frame and put on my bedroom wall.

We walked ALOT that day and it was hot. I drank two bottled waters. At 6pm, Kevin, my sister's husband, met up with us downtown. We saw a one hour one man Star Wars Trilogy show. It was sooo funny. The guy used no props or instruments but he did all the musical cues, sound effects and different characters. It was a hoot and a half.

That night we stayed in and watched their dvd of The Concert for George (the benefit concert that was done featuring George Harrison's music). It was fantastic. Makes me want to get out my LPs.

Sunday, we went to the shopping center on Mt. Pleasant to shop. Again, it was hot as Hades. So went to the B&N there and sucked down some strawberry & creme frapps. Ahhh. Went into Bed Bath & Beyond and I bought some retro style dessert plates that were on clearance. There were 4 in the set and featured 50's style drawings of women in dresses. I'm going to hang them up in my kitchen.

So here I am. Back home. Yay. I love going on vacation but its always nice to come home. I am planning on going back to Charleston in July. Next time I'm going to listen to a book on cd. It would definitely make the travel time go by faster.

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