Dave Matthews [ 2004-07-25, 2:53 a.m. ]

So guess what I did tonight? Nope. Wrong. That's wrong as well.

I went to see the Dave Matthews Band. Candy at work got these free lawn seats from a customer who comes in a lot. He wasn't going to use them so gave them to her. He had 4 tickets, so initially it was going to be me, Candy, Margot and Beth. But Beth went out of town and Margot wasn't feeling well. So Candy brought a friend of hers, Barbara. Both of them are in their early 50's. So here I am at 38 thinking..well at least I won't be the oldest person there! There is such a frat boy crowd that comes to see Dave Matthews. I feel like these same kids (who should be almost 30 now) are the ones who came to see them play when I worked at the nightclub in the early '90's. I know that's not possible but the behavior is still the same. Amazing.

We sold the extra ticket for $60 as the concert was sold out. Score! We used it to rent these lawn chairs and to buy the very expensive food/beverages that they sell. I had a non-alcoholic pina colada smoothie. When Candy gave it to me, I asked her, after sipping quite a bit of it, "Does this have alcohol in it?". She confirmed that it did not. I told her it would've been funny if I had thought there was and then started acting drunk. Heh. Something like "Ya know, Candy. You're such a good person!" Drunken crying ensuing. Ah, the sentimental drunk. That's me.

Dave Matthews was good. I'm just a casual fan. I have a couple of the cds but don't listen to them a whole bunch. I admire his songwriting so even songs I don't know, I can still get into. He didn't play a lot of songs that I knew though. Which isn't bad but sucks for me. But hey, the tickets were free so who am I to complain? Okay, I know I just did. But..oh forget it.

I almost didn't go as I'm such a sloth I'd rather just stay home once I'm off work. But I forced myself to go. I'm glad I did. At least it was something to write about. I don't want to bore you or me.

So the latest scuttlebut at work... There is this guy, or was, who would come in several times a week. He's a good cartoonist and he'd sketch out employees and have something funny and very accurate in a balloon next to them. He always drew me as stern and telling people to get back to work and also being in several places around the store. I don't think I'm stern but I hate to see people slacking off..unless I get to as well.

So, Chris (district manager) did the store visit last week. She saw that these cartoons were posted around the store although not where customers see them. Just in the cafe back room and the break room..etc. And Chris says that this against "company policy" and is wasteful because he uses the napkins from the cafe. So fucking petty. And the whole company policy is such bullshit. Their thinking is that someone will be offended by how they're drawn and sue the company. Feh.

Apparantly the only time he ever offended someone was when he drew Jonathan (please see my cast list if I'm confusing you). He drew Jonathan as Mr.Potato Head. Now, if you knew what Jonathan looked like you'd know how damn funny and true this is. When Brenda told me about this last night over MSN messenger, I almost fell off my chair I was laughing so hard.

But Jonathan got soooo mad, Brenda said. Tore up the napkin. Next day, he mentions to a cafe server that cartoonist guy needs to be told not to use those napkins anymore as it's wasteful. Blah blah. So cafe server tells cartoonist guy that he can't use them anymore. The guy thought she was kidding at first but then got pretty steamed. Said he wasn't going to come back anymore.

Ended up writing a long letter to our CEO!! Now, I understand his point but maybe...just maybe he shouldn't get too upset like that. But he did. And I halfway think..good for him. Apparantly, from the copy of the email that Chris left for Jeff that I sneaked a peek at today, CEO wrote cartoonist guy back and sent him a generous gift card. The guy says he won't be back at our location but he will still frequent the other locations he likes.

I mean, its not like the guy never spent money. He bought plenty in the cafe and usually several books a week. Gah. All Jonathan had to do about the potato head thing is go up to cartoonist guy and say "hey, man. I don't really like how I look here. can you do a re-draw?" Nothing serious but the guy would have gotten the message.

Ok, enough with the company gossip.

Tomorrow I'm off!!!!!!!!!! Yippee!

I'm selling a "gently used" copy of the book on cd for The Jane Austen Book Club on eBay. Go to eBay and look me up by my username--Judois. I'd do the link but it never works for some reason. Ta ta, kiddies.

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