Judy is a Punk [ 2004-08-19, 1:39 a.m. ]

So when Paul Hamm won the Gold tonight for the all around, I started weeping for him. I'm such a sap. But the look on his face when he realized he had won was so wonderful and endearing.

The other night I had a dream that scared the crap outta me. I dreamed I went to visit my parents. They were living in a different city so I was staying overnight. In my dream, I was alone in the house and it was daytime. My parents were working apparantly (my Mom is retired in real life). So I'm in the guest room getting dressed and I see the shadow of a man outside the window. His shadow is showing up against the blinds over the window. I realize that the window is open however and see a shoulder start to come around the blinds. I pushed the man and he must have fallen back. I quickly put down the window and ran around the house making sure everything was secure. I grabbed my cell and was going to dial the police. But I couldn't figure out what my parents' new address was because I was in such a panic. I started going through my Mom's purse which was in the house for some reason. Her license wasn't there so I kept looking for something while I tried not to panic. Then I woke up.

Not a good way to get rest. I hate those kinds of dreams. They just end up giving me the heebie jeebies.

I was till about 8 this morning because last night I heard some kind of noise in my room and wasn't sure if it was the old box fan or what. I cleared away a pile of clothes/blankets on the floor in hopes of making sure it wasn't an insect or worse. I didn't find anything but man, do I need to sweep up around here. Anyways, feeling too on edge to sleep and also just plain paranoid, I didn't doze off till 8am after watching the Today show. By the way, I hate Katie Couric. Its official.

So I got about 4 1/2 hours of sleep even though I closed today. Typical.

I am off tomorrow. Praise God. Unfortunately, I do work Friday,Saturday and Sunday. Boo. Hiss.

Did I ever tell y'all about the time I skipped the first week of 11th grade? Yep. Among other things I did when I was 16 that was the capper to a fun filled and lying my ass off summer. I told my parents that I had been with my friend,Gaylen, who had thought she was pregnant. I went with her to the clinic and stayed with her for a few days till she heard the results, that were negative. It was quite a whopper. What we really did was go to the movies where we almost got caught by her aunt who was her guardian. Drove around and hung out at the house of a couple of recently graduated guys. Smoked pot. Drove around some more.

My parents still don't know the truth to this very day. I think its best that I not after the shock my Mom expressed over my confession a few weeks ago of shoplifting when I was 7 years old.

I still wouldn't trade that summer for anything, though. That week of skipping was just an effort to hold onto it.

My friend,Gaylen, was flawed but a whole lot of fun. She befriended me when my two friends from junior high had realized what a freak I was. That was my friend,Kathy and Marguerite. They realized later what dweebs they were and how much they missed me. I forgave them. Especially Kathy. She felt awful about that.

Anyways,Gaylen was my partner in crime the summer of 1982. We listened to the Go-Go's, Tom Petty and the Ramones constantly. Dressed in major new wave outfits. Sweater dresses, mary jane shoes,tights,spiked out hair and funky makeup. If you've ever seen the movie Times Square,well,that's what we wanted to be. Punky girls living in NYC. Never happened but I'll always have those fun memories of my 16th summer.

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