Buggin' [ 2004-09-27, 5:49 p.m. ]

So we're expecting a visitor here this evening. Her name is Jeanne. We already started getting the rain from it..at least its a tropical storm now, not a hurricane.

Yesterday I had such big plans. Going to church...cleaning the house. But I woke up with a tummy ache and kept running to the bathroom. So I basically laid in bed most of the day. Ugh.

I don't think it helped that I had to kill yet another humongous cockroach late Saturday night. It was in my bathtub and I'm starting to think they are coming up through the bathtub drain. Yuck. I poured bleach down the drain which an exterminator that sprayed at work told me to do one time. You do it at least once a month and that's supposed to keep them from being able to come up the drain since it would be coated with bleach. I think once a week is more like it for me.

I think I write way too much about bugs. It makes it sound like I'm over run with them which isn't true. I make a big deal out of them because 1)they are HUGE and 2)It seems to happen every 2 or 3 weeks. Creeps me out. Which is why I should really not watch Fear Factor since they do things with bugs all the time. Blech.

I'm wayyyy toooo excited about the news that Conan O'Brien will taking over the Tonight Show when Jay Leno steps down in 2009. When I heard it today, I think I clapped my hands in glee. Yay!

Work was long and kinda boring today. Having an hour and a half of sleep didn't help. I left a few minutes early and stopped at the drug store on the way home. I felt like an old lady because even though I felt fine I was buying things for the medicine cabinet. Things like Imodium and Pepto-Bismol. But don't you hate to feel yucky and you don't have anything to help at home? Plan ahead, I say.

The cashier at the drug store was one of those types who don't greet you with a hello or did you find everything ok. I hate that. I swear to God if I was her manager, I'd give her the heave ho. Plus, when I realized how much some candy was that she'd rung up and I asked her to take it off the tally, it took her several minutes to do it. Gah!!! It is not like they were busy. If they had been I would have just bought the candy and shrugged it off. The only good thing she did was tell me to have a nice day. Too little too late, sister.

Anyways..I'm calm. I'm fine. It just riles me.

Dinner tonight is spaghetti! Now I just have to clean the kitchen and make it. Eventually. I'm gonna go anytime now. Yep, gonna get up sometime in the near future. ..... Over 3 hours later now. I checked my balance online and found out I'm $85 in the negative. I wish I could go back a week and make myself stop spending money like its water. WTF is my problem? Seriously. I seem to just want to stick my head in the sand rather than face facts. I hate that part of me. I have to face that no guardian angel is going to come and take away all my debts. Its not going to happen. I'm stuck with them so I need to actually pay them instead of buying lunch everyday at work, spending an average of $10 a day. And then buying dvds off of eBay and crap like that. I'm such a stupidhead.

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