Sicko [ 2004-10-02, 10:14 p.m. ]

Sigh. I don't feel too good. I hope and pray I'm not coming down with the flu. Maybe its just a 24 hour thing.

I spent all day in bed and forced myself to get up and go to Paco's birthday party. I wasn't real enthused about going. For one,I'm not a party person. And two, I knew I wasn't going to really know anybody. The first hour that was true but luckily, a couple of girls who used to live near Michael in the old days (about 12 years or so ago) came to the party.

At first I didn't recognize them. I'm so bad with faces. Its just awful. One of them came over and hugged me and I'm thinking to myself "who the heck is this?". Then I realized and I hung around them for a while and gabbed. But then I started feeling a bit run-down again and realized that I should just go home. I was there for over 2 hours so I think I made a good showing at least. But also, I was starting to feel that "alone in a crowd" feeling so it was just as well that I leave.

I wasn't drinking any alcohol so I didn't have that to mask that feeling. I didn't want to drink mainly because of how I was feeling a bit ill.

I watched the rest of season 2 of The Office last night. It was so good and kinda poignant in several spots. I would love to own season 1 and 2.

...ok..I'm feeling very uninspired. No energy left.

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