Election eve [ 2004-11-02, 1:53 a.m. ]

Yay! I wrote 800 more words in my novel tonight. That's 1,713 words total now. Just 48,287 more words to go! Woohoo!

I'm starting slow right now. I'm still not sure where the plot is going. I know that sounds a bit stupid. But, really, I'm letting the main character write it. Ha. Look at me. I sound like a writer.

I have written short novels before. Mainly the one that comes to mind is a young adult novel that started to really meander there towards the end.

I'm giving myself at least a half hour of time to just write. And I probably should write down some plot points to follow. We'll see.

I did so very little today. I need to get a decent night's sleep tonight because I plan on voting at 10am. Missing the early crowd and lunch crowd. The place I'm voting is only 5 minutes away from me, so that's cool. I'm planning on taking a book and my cd walkman.

I did watch a movie tonight. A WWII era movie, I'll Be Seeing You starring Joseph Cotton and Ginger Rogers. It was a tearjerker for sure. I thought it was good though. It had some really nice moments in it. Nicely written too.

Ok, folks. I'll see you tomorrow night. Don't forget to vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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