I'm ..ow...back [ 2004-11-07, 5:40 p.m. ]

Not a lot going on. Just an entry to say hello and that I'm still here. So,hi.

My back has been killing me these past couple of days. I opened today and left a wee bit early so I could come home and lay on a heating pad. It seems to have helped a bit. I'm going back to the store in a couple of hours while we are closed. Amy and I are going to work on getting ready for the big store visit by our district manager. I'm going to get all the new releases done while she works on setting up displays. I don't mind doing it, it was my suggestion. I just don't want my back to be giving me misery while I'm there.

Oy, I'm hungry. I'm boiling a couple eggs to make an egg salad sandwich.

I'm still in love with my dvr. Right now I'm watching a Rick Steves' Europe program from yesterday. I love watching his shows. And he does travel books as well. I once read from beginning to end his book "Europe through the back door" which is all about the ins & outs of travel in Europe, obviously.

I can't wait for my day off on Tuesday. My vacation does seem like a long time ago. If I wasn't in physical pain, it might not be that bad. Ow.

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