Get to the point [ 2004-11-09, 10:52 p.m. ]

I did very little today. I ended up staying up all night last night. If only I'd been doing something productive, such as writing. But alas, no. I watched a lot of the shows that I had recorded so at least that is caught up now.

I went to my parents' house and my Mom and I (my Dad went to work) ate her homemade stew. Yum. And since it didn't get above 55 degrees today, it tasted even better than usual. I washed clothes of course and then I came home at 8pm.

I watched that new show "The Rebel Billionaire", the Richard Branson thing that is a cross between "The Amazing Race" and "The Apprentice". I really liked it. Can't wait for next week. Oh and Branson is pretty damn sexy I must say.

I wrote some more on my NaNoWriMo story. About 800 some words. So I'm up to about 3368, I think.

The story is getting there. Slowly. But its getting there. At least I hope so. Nothing worse than boring yourself with your own writing.

That's why I seem to like to write in short bursts. I feel like if I write for longer that I start to ramble and get off the plot.

I'm watching Rachael Ray's $40 a Day show on the Food Network. You know, if she had her hands tied behind her she could not talk. I like her though. Her show is always fun.

----A quick update much later in the, I should say since it is 5:16am. I wrote more in my story, 975 more words so that makes my count up to 4,357 words. This really means nothing to anyone but me, I know. But I'm quite proud of myself for writing over 1800 words in one day on my story.

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