Simply having a wonderful Christmas Time! [ 2004-11-16, 10:00 p.m. ]


In keeping with the name of my diary, here's a little run-down on my sleep patterns the past couple days.

I got 3 hours of sleep Sunday night and had to open on Monday. After working 7-3:30pm, I came home and fell asleep for 5 hours. Of course, then I couldn't go to sleep right away last night. Ended up falling asleep at 2am and woke up at 6am because again I had to open. Luckily, today was a short day because of the Holiday meeting Sunday night.

My Mom and I went to the Southern Christmas Show. We've gone every year (missing one or two years maybe) for the past 20 years. Amazing, huh? Its at a merchandise mart in town that has 3 buildings worth of booths set up with different crafts, food and anything Christmas related. Its something that my Mom and I share and have little rituals when we go. Stopping at a lot of the same places and this year we actually stopped and bought some things at new places. We are wild women!

The Holiday meeting went pretty well. Everyone seemed to like the food that I put together for it so that's cool. I spent almost $80 for everything (on the store of course).

Jeff had spread out all the free stuff that he'd gotten at the manager's conference a couple months ago. He came over as I was setting up the food before everyone got there and said "I thought you might want to take this before anyone else did". It was the dvd of Mean Girls! How cool is that? Other stuff I got: the audio cd of the Daily Show's America the Book, trade paperback of Friday Night Lights,cd single of Bridal Train by the Waifs, full cd of Start With the Soul by Alvin Youngblood Hart and a 2005 Robert Doisneau Paris calendar. I totally raked in.

On Monday, I asked my DM for a few minutes of her time. We went into the office and I told her how Nancy (a toxic employee who finally got transferred out of our store) had said that after meeting with our DM had said that "big changes" were coming to our store. My DM completely and categorically denied any such thing. She knows how Nancy is and knows how Nancy will just say whatever she wants. I mentioned to my DM that after last Christmas season with our then manager being sick and then the whole fiasco of somebody complaining to Home Office about said manager made for several tense months (as some of you who have been reading me since last year might remember, I was not a happy camper). I stressed to my DM how Jeff is exactly what our store needed after that time and that while he may have weaker leadership skills that his accessibility makes up for that for the most part. She completely knew what I meant and agreed with me.

I think I may have scored brownie points with her by doing that. That would be nice but its not why I did it. I just didn't want that hanging over my head the whole freakin' holiday season. Once again.

I'm off this weekend so I'm designating Saturday as NaNoWriMo Day. If I can write for at least part of that day it would be a real help. I bought Chris Baty's book No Plot? No Problem! and just need to look through it.

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